Our Mission

A progressive advocacy group focused on growing the economy in the heart of Georgia’s first congressional district. Our strategic areas of development include:
  • Sustainable Energy | Natural Gas | Solar & Wind
  • Inclusive Urban Renewal..advancing redevelopment and further expansion of Savannah’s downtown & historic district to the west, east and south through private – public partnerships.
  • Transportation with light rail, with emphasis to increase foot traffic in historic areas while reducing automotive congestion and carbon emission. Supporting consolidation of downtown “two bus line system” thru partnership and collaboration.
  • Consolidating the city and county jurisdiction, which will create a more efficient governmental process while maximizing productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.
With continuous advancement efforts throughout Georgia’s first district…WE are destined to help bring about an economically inclusive economy that raises the standard of living while reducing the poverty level.
 Growing Forward…Moving Georgia Forward!